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On the eleventh day of Christmas, Torsten gave to me

Eleven traps pretending, Ten futas stroking, Nine lesbians lusting, Eight ladies celebrating, Seven sisters tempting, Six women sucking, Five tsunderes, Four festive gals, Three huge racks, Two moeblobs, And a tied-up Santa loli

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Ecchi/SFW Dump 06

This post was on time, posted April 28th. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

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Grab Bag 07

It has been over a year since I last did one of these. I guess I have just focused more on established themes in that time.

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Delicious Kurisu

I’ve never actually watched Steins;Gate, but goddamn if Kurisu isn’t hot.

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Requests and Other Stuff

The first two images in this update were actually requests by people over IRC. So if you hate what I edit or think this site could really use more of X, request it. (Except if it’s furry; fuck furfags.) Just … Continue reading

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Grab Bag 05

You will never have a uniformed loli knee you in the balls. ;_; Now with that bad meme out of the way, there are two items of housekeeping: firstly, there’s a poll going on, in case you’ve managed to miss … Continue reading

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