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Obligatory Loli Dump 18

The last time I published a loli post, I was still struggling with Automattic, trying to get the cucks to respond to me. How time flies. In retrospect, I’m not surprised that one of these dickless social media companies proved … Continue reading

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Idols: Mastered 03

More idols, featuring Tamaki as drawn by asakuraf, for whom I have also done an artist spotlight. The lolis come first and the titty monsters after, the way it should be.

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Nine Years and Standing Strong

Nine years later and I’m still here and alive. Go figure. I am quite happy with my output and despite setbacks like Automattic deleting my blog, I still consider this year to be a resounding success. The forthcoming figures … Continue reading

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Chinese Dresses

I had a few random images with Chinese dresses, so I figured why not find some more? The ridiculously high cut on the slits of a cheongsam that you see in anime are alluring to say the least.

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Why can’t I, hold all these ships? 07

More images of KanColle girls. The first three images are re-edits using higher-quality Pixiv sources of images posted in 2015 and 2016, while the rest are new. Once again, using images sourced from Twitter was my undoing. For transparency, the … Continue reading

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Maid Day 02

Maids for the maid god! Or, at the very least, girls in frilly, vaguely maid-like clothing, which is good enough for me. My previous Maid Day post has an explanation of how the phenomenon started. On another note, all of … Continue reading

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No, You’re a Nation 02

I take a great deal of enjoyment from my silly post titles. Anyway, here’s plenty of images with hot piss, should that be your thing.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Editing the images of cute girls giving you chocolate is fun and all, but who really likes this holiday? It all seems like a bunch of annoying obligations being forced on you.

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Follow-Ups and Fixes 07

The first image is another version with different shading from the Christmas yuri post and the next two are follow-ups from the Christmas loli post. The fourth image is a correction to a long lost post that I only discovered in the course … Continue reading

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Marked-two – Chinpo Nanka ni Makenai Hon Vol. 2

This doujin has been sitting on my hard drive, completely finished, for months. Between finding a new host for this site, restoring deleted posts, taking on another yet-to-be-revealed big project in the background and doing the Twelve Days of Christmas, … Continue reading

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