There are lots of places to find translated hentai manga and doujinshi, but few, if any, places to find single images translated. I aim to change that. As I know no Japanese myself, I take translations from other sources, hence the jocular “stolen” bit, and typeset English text in place of the original Japanese so English speakers can read the text. That’s it. I will never put watermarks on my images, nor include obnoxious credit pages. My goal is to share images, not to stroke my ego.

At the end of every month, I pack all the images I have edited that month into a RAR and release it alongside another RAR that contains all the images I have ever edited. There are a few decensored images included in the complete releases from a time before I realized decensoring was a waste of time. However, I  like those images enough to acknowledge them as my work and include them in my releases.

My focus on single images does not preclude edits of larger works, though. If an H-manga or doujin has been translated and either not typeset at all or typeset poorly, I will make sure it gets a proper release. I have no qualms about redoing substandard work.

Feel free to repost these images anywhere you see fit; if I did not want these images to be shared with the world, I would not post them online. My only stipulation is that for single images, please refrain from reposting them within two days of the post on the blog; this gives me additional time to check with fresh eyes for typographical and editing errors. Please do not upload the images to Gelbooru on your accord; I will handle that myself. As a rule of thumb, when the image appears on Gelbooru, it’s probably fine to repost elsewhere.

I occasionally post with the tripcode “Torsten !OSTGARD9Js” on select boards on 4chan, though I dislike using it; anonymous posting is superior to attentionwhoring and is one of the cornerstones of imageboard culture. The trip is used mainly to authoritatively present significant releases and it is also used as a liability when distributing guides, as a way to assure other posters that I am helping and not simply spamming or peddling viruses.