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Batch Release for September 2019

Here are all the images posted from the start of September to now. No images that have not appeared on the blog or the original June 2010 archive will ever be included in the batch releases, ensuring that all releases … Continue reading

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Dicks 18

If you find yourself borrowing penis, remember that it needs to be returned with interest.

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Obligatory Loli Dump 18

The last time I published a loli post, I was still struggling with Automattic, trying to get the cucks to respond to me. How time flies. In retrospect, I’m not surprised that one of these dickless social media companies proved … Continue reading

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Girls and Guns

The first two images remind me of the full color plates I used to marvel over in Osprey’s Men-at-Arms and Elite books when I was younger. The second image also made me think about Sora no Woto for the first … Continue reading

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