Nine Years and Standing Strong

Nine years later and I’m still here and alive. Go figure. I am quite happy with my output and despite setbacks like Automattic deleting my blog, I still consider this year to be a resounding success. The forthcoming figures will highlight why.

I have edited 2,928 images. Looking at my records, here is the yearly breakdown:
Pre-site: 109
Year 1: 344
Year 2: 295
Year 3: 311
Year 4: 292
Year 5: 314
Year 6: 323
Year 7: 343
Year 8: 297
Year 9: 300
The output for this year is slightly lower than the annual average over all years, but not by much. My error rate jumped from 1.14% to 1.40% as I fixed errors from past years, but I can at least take solace in the fact that my overall error rate has a downward trend, indicating that as the years have gone on, I have gotten more careful; this year saw me make only two errors.

Of course, these numbers only capture one facet of my output. I released a short To Love-Ru doujin and my first H-manga with Double Ring; I found great joy in seeing an enthusiastic response from someone who I respect upon receipt of the surprise gift. The effort that went into Double Ring was comparable to several months of regular editing work and it feels good to know that the effort was well-received. I also restored, by hand, over 8 years of blog posts that would have otherwise been lost, all thanks to a wonderfully kind soul.

This year also saw developments with my software projects. I released the long-in-development rewrite of the color bruteforcer in Rust. I continue to tinker with it on and off; I have been playing with the idea of adding support for additional blending modes, but I have to see if it proves useful. The booru note copier also had big updates, as I finally added proper tests, implemented a continuous integration build and fixed a long-standing bug that prevented a Gelbooru post from being marked as translated. This all serves to make the project more robust and gives greater confidence that I’m not breaking shit when I change things. The only tasks left for the project currently are an overhaul of the readme and further fleshing out of some of the documentation.

The past year of this odd project of mine started on a bad note. When my old blog got deleted last August, I felt absolutely gutted. It took me a long time to piece together what happened (Automattic refuses to tell me exactly what rule I broke) and it took me weeks to find a reasonably-priced host that would allow my content. However, the site is now self-hosted, and I feel truly independent, charting my own course with renewed vigor. I cannot fucking wait until I have officially been doing this for an entire decade. Here’s to another year filled with Photoshopping and fapping! Prost!

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