Miura Takehiro – Double Ring: Itsuwari no Kusuriyubi

This is a first, for many reasons. This is the first commercial H-manga I have edited (all the rest have been doujins). This is the first time I have ever actually paid for H-manga (before I uploaded it, the raws for Chapter 4 were either resized bullshit or mediocre scans, but Chapters 1-3 had good digital sources). This is the first time I have ever needed to typeset the sound of farting (other sound effects which are not plot-critical are left untranslated, as is my standard). This is also the longest manga I have edited, at 76 pages. And I did it all to satisfy a very special Dick.

The Dick Show is a podcast which is the highlight of my week and if there’s one thing I know about its host Dick Masterson, it’s that he likes ridiculously huge anime titties, so I picked out a manga that has boobs galore. I figure that now is as good of a time as any for a present, given that recently he did not receive a visa to Australia on time, fucking up what were supposed to have been his first live shows outside of the US. If you appreciate funny, fiery and at times surprisingly insightful rage, give his podcast a listen.

And you know what makes me a rage? The fucking moirĂ© effect. This fucking horseshit wastes so much of my goddamn time, it’s incredible. I hate it more than semi-transparent speech bubbles. It shows up all the time in scans and it’s particularly bad in grayscale pages. It’s a pain in the ass to get right. You need to very precisely line up the dot pattern when removing the original Japanese text or else the whole thing ends up looking like total garbage. Not fucking it up requires staring at a sea of stupid dots that otherwise look identical, hunting for a magical box of correctly-aligned pixels until your eyes feel like they’re about to fucking bleed. But how can the slow death of my vision possibly compare to the satisfaction of a job whole-assed? Enjoy!

Miura Takehiro – Double Ring: Itsuwari no Kusuriyubi:
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