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Batch Release for October 2018

Here are all the images posted from the start of October to now. No images that have not appeared on the blog or the original June 2010 archive will ever be included in the batch releases, ensuring that all releases … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween


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Femdom and Other Dickery 3

Part of the fun in making new posts now involves digging through the archives of my old site to see if I had a series already established for the images I want to post. Thankfully, this is helped by a … Continue reading

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At long last, I have my own domain and my own server, where no moral guardians can reach and where any data loss will be my fault alone. That comes with server bills, but freedom isn’t free, as they say. … Continue reading

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Funny Business 02

I have been playing a little too much PUBG recently, which helps to explain the low output and why the first image caught my attention. The fourth image is supposed to be Engrish and the text in the original was … Continue reading

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