Follow-Ups and Fixes 06

The first image is a higher-res version of an image of Kirari that previously was sourced from Twitter; this is yet another reason of why I now refuse to edit images from Twitter, because nothing feels worse than editing a low-res, heavily-artifacted JPG when a PNG is posted to Pixiv shortly afterwards. The last image is a fix for a very popular image I did. In the upper left-hand text block, the old image had a straight (as opposed to an angled) closing quote of a different font; I am not sure how the issue occurred, or even how many people noticed it, but I am incredibly annoyed that I let it slip, especially because I was trumping another inferior edit. There is actually another high-res fix which I have uploaded today, but it was in the last Seventh Day of Christmas post. Due to its recency, I have just updated the post. Finally, the second and third images are the preceding images to one of the ahegao pictures posted on the Sixth Day of Christmas.