Two Years and Standing Strong

Two years later and I’m still here and alive. Go figure. After another hectic year, I will thank all of you and hope that you enjoy fapping to these images as much as I enjoy editing them. This year marks no special triumphs, no personal milestones, but rather is marked by small improvements. Even though I was overall less productive this year, since we often don’t get as much time as we would like to devote to our personal projects, I consider it a pleasure that I can do this at all.

Now with that, let’s get to some numbers. As of today, I have put out an astounding 748 single images. This year saw a drop in productivity since last year (295 this year vs 344 last year; 109 images were done when I started the site), but that can be attributed to a positively shit beginning of 2012 where I was plagued with schedule problems. Overall, I have been getting more careful in my editing, given that I have made only two errors in my edits in the past year, versus twelve in the first year. What should be highlighted however, is that out of 748 images, only a meager 14 had any errors. That means I have an error rate of less than 2%. What’s even more amazing is that of those 14 errors, only 6 were not caught before posting the images to Gelbooru, meaning that to the wider audience of Gelbooru, I have an error of less than 1%. In a world where so many single-image editors are lazy, unskilled and careless, I make it a point of pride that I not only tackle what others cannot do properly, but that I do it well, holding myself to my own exceptionally high standards; standards which I will continue to uphold in my third year and beyond. So here’s to another year of Photoshopping and fapping! Prost!

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Posting as StolenTranslations was so impersonal. Just call me Torsten.
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