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Batch Release for July 2011

Here are all the images posted from the start of July to now. No images that have not appeared on the blog or the original June 2010 archive will ever be included in the batch releases, ensuring that all releases … Continue reading

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Here, Have Some Madoka 02

This is the one time that I have been glad that social networking bullshit exists. If some stupid ego stroking on Twitter results in Mami’s mammies in a maid outfit, I will grudgingly support it. Anything for more lovely maids. … Continue reading

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Grab Bag 05

You will never have a uniformed loli knee you in the balls. ;_; Now with that bad meme out of the way, there are two items of housekeeping: firstly, there’s a poll going on, in case you’ve managed to miss … Continue reading

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Eila Is Olev

Ah, Eila and her lovely Nordic features. If she wasn’t such a dyke for Sanya, I’m sure she would be a Finnish waifu fit for the likes of metal god Jari Mäenpää. After I finished with the Photoshopping, I realized I … Continue reading

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