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Batch Release for June 2011

Here are all the images posted from the start of June to now. No images that have not appeared on the blog or the original June 2010 archive will ever be included in the batch releases, ensuring that all releases … Continue reading

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Dicks 03

Here is some shota to bring balance to the site after the loli update. Or something like that. I honestly never thought I would be editing Hetalia images on account of conservative estimates placing more than 90% of the fanart … Continue reading

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Obligatory Loli Dump 03

Okay, with the Taiga being 17, this should technically be a DFC update, not a loli one, but fuck it. 6 out of 8 images are loli; a 75% percent loli rate is fine by me. With this post comes … Continue reading

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komorebi-notebook – Kuroneko Summer Stripping

Another series of images, that for lack of a better term, I will call a CG set. There are only four images in this set, but my general rule is that if it has a¬†booru pool, it’s important enough to … Continue reading

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One Year and Standing Strong

One year later and I’m still here and alive. Go figure. Obviously, I must thank all of you, what few of you there are, that have both supported me and called me out when I fucked something up in the … Continue reading

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In preparation for Miku Monday 02

I didn’t expect that this would become an iterative feature, but I was doing a Vocaloid update and realized I only had Miku images. Talk about happy coincidences. A few notes: First of all, the misspelling of “new year” was … Continue reading

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Okashimo – Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Furachi na Wake ga Nai!

I normally think that editing CG sets is stupid, but for this one, the translation was available on Danbooru, the art was great and, most importantly, it contained textless versions of the images. I was not about to waste effort … Continue reading

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