Post-Christmas review

Low American voter turnout has nothing on the internet. The site recorded over 4,000 views over the Twelve Days of Christmas and 25 people voted. Even with the obvious phenomenon of returning visitors, that figure is astoundingly low. Nevertheless, commanding an impressive 15 of 25 votes, the grand public has ruled that I will be posting my releases on the E-Hentai galleries. Enjoy; we shall see how many milliseconds it takes them to be resized to hell, moved to ExHentai for all the loli and shota, then downranked because the morality police feel it’s wrong to fap to drawn, imaginary children that don’t really exist. Not that I have anything against the E-Hentai userbase or anything.

With that said, I hope you all enjoyed the twelve days. I sure did and it was one hell of a ride. To put the amount of content I produced in perspective: in two years of editing, I have completed 292 images, 78 of which were produced in less than a month for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Nearly 27% of my content has been produced in less than 4.2% of the time. Time off to relax and edit sure is nice.

P.S. Fuck anyone that thinks the Twelve Days of Christmas are from the 14th to the 25th of December.